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Aug 28, 2014
@ 10:08 am

Jennifer Reflects on the Plum Island Pilates Conference

We are a part of a larger Pilates Community.

Last Sunday, Candice and I hit the road, taking a roughly 5 hour trip to Plum Island, Massachusetts for a Pilates Intensive on the beach! Summer = fun, going places, horizons expanding. Pilates is growing, evolving and thriving as evidenced in this buzzing community filled with such life and vigor!

Germany, Canada, Boston, NY, Vermont were all represented at this gathering hosted and organized by the Pilates powerhouse, (and my teacher training buddy in ‘95!) Clare Dunphy Hemani and outfitted by Gratz Industries. I had the great pleasure of co-teaching a Tricks of the Trade Workshop alongside, Clare and led my own workshop, “Get Your Pilates Business Moving!”

Along with the paella, ocean breezes and spontaneous moments of salsa, there was the method, the legacy, the budding businesses and the strengthening and healing power of Contrology, started by Joseph Hubertus Pilates almost a century ago. Clare and I are so blessed to have trained with Romana Krysanowska, keeper of the flame, protege of Mr. Pilates, and feel a great responsibility to play a part in carrying on Mr. Pilates’ and Ms. Krysanowska’s work. In three days, we just scratched the surface!

Till next summer…..


Aug 27, 2014
@ 11:52 am

A Goodbye & A Hello

Dear BT Clients,

We have some bittersweet news to share. As of September 1st, Benjamin Stuber will no longer be teaching at BodyTonic so that he can focus on non-Pilates projects. We have treasured his commitment and expertise over the last four years and we know you have as well. We wish him the best in all of his new adventures and look forward to his return to BT for a workshop or special event.


Come catch Benjamin’s final Classics and Curveballs Class today at 1p!

We are grateful and happy to announce that Senior Instructor Brian Eshleman will be returning to BodyTonic and will be available to teach you in your regularly scheduled time slot. We feel certain that his Pilates and acupuncture knowledge will be so valuable to our studio. He will begin teaching the Open Level Class on Tuesdays at 1p next week and Candice will be taking over the Classics and Curveballs Class on Wednesdays at 1p.

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To Your Health,



Aug 4, 2014
@ 5:06 pm

2 New Prenatal Semi-Privates Begin this Week

Pilates can provide a safe workout during pregnancy, helping to keep your body strong and flexible. Beginning this week, BT is offering two new prenatal semi-private sessions:

Sunday at 12p

Wednesday at 6p

Call 718.622.6222 to join.

Because of the modifications required to safely work with the pregnant body, private and semi-private training are the best venues for prenatal clients.

We do not recommend that clients who are more than 12 weeks pregnant participate in group classes. We suggest that pregnant clients review exercise plans with their medical providers. After your delivery, join our Basics Class to help you reconnect with your core.


Jul 8, 2014
@ 10:48 am

Work Study Opportunity

BodyTonic is now looking for a serious pilates lover to help us out with some light cleaning in exchange for two free classes a week.  If interested please email or give us a call at 718-622-6222



Jun 26, 2014
@ 11:00 am

2 NEW Classes Start Next Thursday!

Have you been having a hard time getting a reservation in Megan’s Tuesday 7p Intermediate Class? Are you wondering how to convince your man to try Pilates?

Our Summer Class Schedule arrives next week with more NEW classes to address your needs!

Beginning next week, Eva will be adding:

Thursday 7p
Intermediate Pilates Tower Class

Ready to take your practice to the next level? This class will use intermediate Pilates mat exercises and the classic Pilates Tower equipment, small weights, magic circles, and other props. 


Thursday 8p
Men’s Pilates Tower Class

Men are welcome in any of our Tower Classes. However, this one was designed with extra challenges for upper body and abdominal strength, with a special focus on stretching out the hamstrings and lats. Joseph Pilates was a boxer; he originally created his method for men to increase agility, stability, strength and stretch. Pilates can help men develop the deep muscular stability needed to protect the lower back, creating longevity for the spinal column and a core strength that fuels the body through other forms of physical activity. Whether you want to improve your tennis game, running time, or just feel better at home playing with your family, Pilates gets the job done!

Summer is your time to hit your Pilates Tower Class stride…
Click here to view the complete class schedule with levels and class descriptions!
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Jun 11, 2014
@ 4:28 pm

Pilates is for Dads too!

Buy a gift certificate for the Dad in your life and we will give him a FREE Pilates Tower Class!

If he is a new client, our 3 for 2 intro special is a great way to start.

Not to mention, the FREE class is good for any of our Pilates Tower Classes, including the NEW Men’s Class beginning on Thursdays in July at 8p. 

Click here to read about how a Detroit Lion incorporated Pilates into his off season workout routine.

{Pictured: Candice teaches an advanced BT client Candlestick.}

Drop in, purchase online, or call 718.622.6222. Offer valid through 6/15/14.

And don’t forget you receive 10 BT bucks as part of our Give/Get program to use towards your own training.

Happy Father’s Day from BT!


Jun 6, 2014
@ 7:15 pm

Meet the Doulas this Sunday 1:30p-2:30p

Meet the Doulas! Come chat and ask questions about doula support, birth, breastfeeding and the postpartum period.
FREE Event 
Sunday 6/8
Dos Doulas,  aka Cori and Sarah started their partnership in 2004. With hundreds of births behind them, they are proud to support women and their families through the unique experience of childbirth and transitioning into parenthood. Our practice covers birth in the hospital, home and birth centers. We work with and are recommended by NYC obstetricians, hospital midwives and homebirth midwives.

Cori Pleune, co-founder of Dos Doulas, is a DONA Certified Birth Doula, certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator, and trained Postpartum Doula. She is certified with the American Red Cross in adult/child/infant CPR, and has completed workshops to help women breastfeed successfully. Cori attended her first birth in 1996 and has been hooked ever since. Her hobbies are knitting, reading good books and taking road trips with her family. Cori and her husband Kodjo live in Park Slope and spend all of their free time hanging with their kids Ollie and Ivy (both born at home!).
Sarah Kaylor, co-founder of Dos Doulas,is a DONA Certified Birth Doula, trained Postpartum Doula and Hypnobirthing instructor. She has also trained as an End of Life Doula and is certified with the American Red Cross in adult/child/infant CPR, She has completed workshops to help women breastfeed successfully. Sarah birthed her son, Jacob, 24 years ago and has supported women in labor ever since. Her hobbies are Aikido, drawing, and snuggling with her two mutts. Sarah and her husband Sean live in Park Slope.


May 31, 2014
@ 10:09 am

Pilates Tower Class Every Weekday at 1p!

Beginning this Monday, we are adding NEW Pilates Tower Classes to our weekday schedule:

Monday 1p Open Level with Merav NEW

Tuesday 1p Open Level with Benjamin

Wednesday 1p Classics and Curveballs with Benjamin NEW

Thursday 1p Open Level with Jennifer

Friday 1p Advanced with Candice

You can now look forward to taking a long lunch break every day of the week at BT this summer! 

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Click here to see the full class schedule, including evening and weekend hours.


May 29, 2014
@ 4:07 pm

Classics and Curveballs Begins Next Wednesday!

Classics and Curveballs is a NEW Pilates Tower Class at BT
Wednesdays at 1p with Benjamin

In the spirt of Mr. Pilates’ ceaseless innovation, Classics and Curveballs draws from archival Pilates exercises and presents them alongside creative and current evolutions.  This juxtaposition of historic and modern, ignites physical intelligence utilizing increased range, balance, challenge, coordination, responsibility, and fun. It is not for the faint of heart or the brand new student. Come with a solid foundation and be prepared to shake it up!
Click here to RSVP
Classes are open to a maximum of 7-11 clients to ensure individual attention. 
Cost: $25 or 10 for $200.


May 11, 2014
@ 5:35 pm

Next Sunday 5/19: Fundamentals of BodyTonic Teacher Training Workshop

Jump into the fundamentals of Pilates teaching in this introductory workshop, which will serve as a prerequisite for BodyTonic’s 2014 Pilates Teacher Training Summer Intensive and the beginning of the application process for the program. 

Sunday 5/19 1:30p-4p with Master Teacher Jennifer DeLuca


In this workshop, basic teaching skills, including assessment of posture and alignment, cuing, and tone of voice, will be covered. You will take part in a full intermediate/advanced mat class, learn about our program, and test drive your own desire to learn the art of teaching Pilates. Bring your knowledge of Pilates mat and be prepared to move and work!

If you enroll in the 2014 Teacher Training Program, your payment for this workshop will be applied to the total training program cost.

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